Clash de Cartier

A collection rooted in duality, Clash de Cartier embraces the modern spirit through its inherent paradoxes. Studs, beads and clous carrés merge into a singular ribbed mesh, allowing metal to take on mobile form. It is an irresistible clash of attitudes.



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The new XL designs intensify the clash of two opposing attitudes with their oversized charm. The effects of the Maison’s codes are multiplied. And with the supple bracelet and necklace designs, contoured fluidity plays with the lively tension of the elements. It’s Clash but with a twist.

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Clash de Cartier possesses an innate sense of proportion that draws on pure Cartier style. In volumes and reliefs, circles and squares, the collection honors the Maison’s penchant for geometry which dates back to the 1930s. Simultaneously it champions and eschews classic forms, balancing tradition with eccentricity.

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